Style Image Project

Colors, materials and objects: when the elegance takes shape.

Colors and materials are key factors for the final effect of an environment and a reason for the visual appreciation of a space, as well as essential elements for creating a specific area of ​​taste.

Moreover the presence of objects, books and images responds to the need to recreate the most realistic atmosphere possible around the furnishings, similar to that of a real house. The aim is to restore warmth to the environment, making it easier to read their functions.

Having a coordinated corporate image is essential for communication to the end customer.

Product development, booths, showrooms, catalogues and digital presentations must follow the same stylistic imprint.

Thanks to the experience gained within one of the leading companies in the design sector, I propose to offer a 360 ° consultancy that addresses the customer in the correct strategies and choices for achieving a strong and distinctive corporate brand image:

  • definition of a Concept Book, declining the aesthetic and lifestyle principles of the Company
  • continuous research paying attention to living and fashion trends
  • selection of unique and distinctive fabrics based on aesthetic aspects and commercial requests
  • scouting of exclusive and elegant objects coordinated with the corporate image
  • proposal of moodboards in order to coordinate harmoniously different materials in the same environment
  • presentation of projects for retailers: graphic document with plans, sections, technical information about the proposed setting, furniture list, visual list, specific moodboards, inspiration etc.
  • commercial packages / suggested combinations of products and the best finishes
  • brand connotation within the showroom (luminous logo, sticker, graphics, storytelling walls)
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